Thursday, December 4, 2008

# 4 Part III

Client #4 was going away on a business trip where he would be heavily supervised for the next month, so he wanted a special farewell hour. His request was double penetration on me, then me using a strap on on him too, plus the PVC outfit, plus he wanted to spank me.

I joked we'd need to set up a running sheet to make sure we didn't forget anything on his to-do list. I made a big deal about it being a bit out of the ordinary, but given he was a regular and I trusted him I was up for it.

Secretly though I was excited. The idea I'd be paid to live out a fun filled fantasy like this was fantastic. I've always wanted to be spanked.

It was sweaty, messy, fun. I must have gone through a box of condoms and towels and the like to keep everything clean and safe. My room looked like a gang bang had played out. It all seemed so much at one stage I was wondering if we could top it off by having a marching band come through the bedroom a la Shortbus.

Of course I'd only be up for that if it was Justin Bond with the band.

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