Thursday, December 4, 2008

# 4 Again

It didn't suprise me then that Client #4 wanted to come back. The second time was even more kink-filled. He wanted me to come to his office - the risk of being caught was supposedly 1 in 100. It was that factor alone I think that made it such a risky turn on.

I was wet when I arrived at the naughtiness of it all and basically shoved his face into my Jay for two orgasms before he'd said hello. After that I was done. Then I recalled that I was meant to be the service provider, and not the other way around. Damn.

I went to work on him, heart thumping at the chance we'd get caught. Kneeling in front of him on his leather couch I had one eye on the door. We moved onto some lovely "bend me over the office desk" porn and then the comedy struck. I don't know why people don't make comedy porn.

For some reason the condoms wouldn't stay on. And the lube from it and my fingers working at the problem were greasing up the leather couch and the table. I was leaving DNA evidence everywhere. When finally we got it all working and he came, I was relieved.

I tried to help him with tidying the office when the condom rebounded from his cock as he tried to pull it off. His spunk flew every where and onto the blue industrial carpet where it settled, wobbling slightly. I scrambled for tissues. There was even a great big splotch on his sock.

I thought - this is gold. Comedy gold.

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